July 21st, 2014
NEW ORLEANS, LA – Today, the City of New Orleans announced that it is seeking input from New Orleans residents and business owners on where to install bike racks and corrals throughout the City. The deadline to submit a bike rack request is August 15, 2014.

“Bicycling is an important mode of transportation in New Orleans and we are committed to promoting this healthy and safe commuting option,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu said. “Before Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans had fewer than 5 miles of bikeways. Today, we have more than 87 miles of bikeways and are on pace to have more than 100 miles by the end of 2014. As bicycle ridership continues to grow, the City is actively developing facilities that can connect trips by bicycle and accommodate their increased usage, including the installation of bike racks and corrals. Active modes of transport save money, energy, and the environment. I encourage New Orleans residents and business owners to provide us their feedback on this important initiative.”

Click here to view a map of New Orleans current bicycle network.

New Orleans residents and business owners can suggest bike rack locations by visiting

The City’s Department of Public Works will review bike rack requests and prioritize locations based on available funding using the following criteria:

  • The location serves multiple destinations with a need for short-term bike parking (e.g. shops, restaurants, offices, banks, public agencies, parks, etc.)
  • The location is on public property such as a sidewalk or street.
  • For sidewalk installations, adequate width (at least 10 feet) is available between the curb and property line and adequate space between the rack and permanent structures such as balcony columns, trees, and fire hydrants.
  • The location presents no conflict with use of curb ramps, designated passenger/loading zones, pedestrian circulation at corners, permitted sidewalk cafés, and bus stops.
  • The location is within reasonable distance (ideally less than 50 feet) of a building destination.
  • The bike rack can be installed on an existing suitable surface such as concrete.  Under limited circumstances, the City may consider installing concrete pads for bike rack installations.
  • The location is accessible to the general public.

In addition to incorporating public feedback on the locations of future bike racks or corrals, the corridors below are being reviewed to receive bike rack installations:

  • St. Claude Ave. (Tennessee St. to Egania St.)
  • St. Claude Ave. (Elysian Fields Ave. to Press St.)
  • Oretha C. Haley Blvd. (Jackson Ave. to Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.)
  • N. Broad St. (Bienville St. to Orleans Ave.)
  • N. Rampart St. (Canal Blvd. to Esplanade Ave.)
  • St. Roch Ave. (N. Rampart to Marais St.)
  • Newton St. (Behrman St. to Opelousas Ave.)
  • Central Business District

The deadline to submit a bike rack request is August 15, 2014. A request to install a bike rack is not a guarantee the rack will be placed in the proposed location. New Orleans residents and business owners may direct questions about this project to the Department of Public Works at (504) 658-8046.

VOLUNTEERS WANTED – Help remove Graffiti in our Historic Neighborhood!

February 24th, 2014

Join us on April 5th at 9 am

Check-in at the New Orleans Police Department

8th District Courtyard, 334 Royal Street

VC-GAP Spring Flyer

The Details:

  • Volunteers check-in at 9 am and work until 12 noon
  • Each volunteer will receive a t-shirt to wear while working
  • All volunteers are invited to a complimentary lunch following the cleanup
  • All cleaning supplies will be provided
  • Volunteers will remove stickers and small tags from public property in assigned areas
  • Volunteers are advised to wear protective eye wear, long sleeves, work clothes and com fortable walking shoes

Signup online, email, or call 504.309.1423

Recycling comes to the Quarter

February 7th, 2014

The City will provide an 18-gallon bin to each eligible resident at no cost at two Pick-Up Events below. Residents must provide proof of ownership/residence at an eligible service location (Sewerage & Water Board Bill, Drivers License, Utility Bill, Rental Agreement).

Recycling Launch

Sound Ordinance Notice to Membership

January 15th, 2014

This FRIDAY at NOON in CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS the drafted SOUND ORDINANCE will be discussed.

This is the public’s opportunity to be heard on the topic.

A note from the FQBA Board on the Topic:

We have received many inquiries concerning the Noise Ordinance that will be heard before the Housing and Human Needs Committee at City Council Chambers on Friday at noon.

The Board has taken the position that the FQBA opposes the Noise Ordinance as written.

Our opposition is twofold. First, we object to the manner of its introduction, a week before the Christmas holidays and the unseemly rush to passage by its proponents, VCPORA and the lead Councilmember on this issue Stacy Head. We know Stuart Smith has also been active on this issue. None of the committees that would normally be involved in crafting or commenting on this issue have been involved. The French Quarter Management District committees were deliberately excluded from the process as was our own Government Affairs Committee.

Secondly, we have grave concerns about the effect of this ordinance on the future vitality of the French Quarter. Some of the provisions concern only the VCE (Bourbon Street), but many concern the VCC (commercial) and VR (residential) district and the limits there may destroy businesses located in those Districts. Enforcement of these new provisions may prohibit restaurants having their doors open and all courtyard dining. There are may be many harsh unintended possible effects that are not presently fully understood.


Please refer any questions or comments to the email:

Click here to review the drafted ordinance to be discussed.

Shop Away in the Vieux Carre

September 20th, 2013

The FQBA marketing committee is looking ahead and excited to announce its 2nd Annual “Shop Away in the Vieux Carre” Day a one-day event to kick-off and promote shopping and visiting the French Quarter during holidays.  This year’s event is scheduled in conjunction with the French Market Corporation’s annual Christmas tree lighting on Saturday, November 16th.

This FQBA promotional effort is designed to help your business.  As a member, we invite you to participate at any level!

1.    Register your business as a participant on the FQBA Website (required)
2.    Supply FQBA with an item representing your business for Promotional Give Away(s)leading up to and the day of the event
($50 retail value minimum is requested, but not required)
3.    Sponsor at any monetary level to help FQBA produce and promote the day.  Sponsorships support the complimentary pedi-cab’s and printed promotional items, click through for details.
*Sponsorships are available starting at $200 and incrementally increasing to $10,000 for a presenting sponsor.   Sponsoring increases your business’s exposure as the event is promoted. If you are interested in learning more about the media exposure available through sponsorship please contact, Annie Flettrich, FQBA Executive Director.

FQBA will provide and coordinate:
-    Shop Away in the Vieux Carre Gift Guide in the French Quarterly Magazine – created from your online registration information
-    Promotional Reusable Shopping Bags (limited number)
-    Social Media and promotional  workshop and assistance for participants: Wednesday, October 9th click here for more information and to register
-    Mixed Media Advertising and PR for the Event
Please contact the office 504.309.1423 or email with any questions or comments.

The committee is still in the planning process and certainly welcomes your input.

The French Quarterly Magazine has partnered with the event, there will be a special “Shop Away in the Vieux Carre Section” they are also offering special rates for FQBA member participants:   French Quarterly SAVC Offer also has a special offer for FQBA Members for Holiday Advertising: Click here to see the advertising offer.

Get Away in the Vieux Carre Summer Campaign

May 22nd, 2013

Get Away in the Vieux Carre, now in its 5th year, is an awareness campaign marketed to locals during summer months. It includes a sweepstakes awarding “Get Away” packages to the French Quarter each month.

The FQBA promotes its member businesses during the season they seemingly need it most. The goal of the campaign is to attract local customers and capture their attention for future promotions by the association and its membership. The campaign continues to grow and repeat registrants look forward to this annual campaign and give-a-way.

How Businesses Participate:

  • · Contribute a Gift Certificate to your business that will be included in a sweepstakes package(suggested minimum value $100, the winner should be able to visit your business at no cost to them)
  • · Offer a “Get Away” special during the campaign

(a promotional code, a special summer item or discount, a special menu item)

  • · Promote the “Get Away” campaign and sweepstakes through your business’ marketing outlets (in-store, website, social media, etc)

Time Line:

May 31st – Gift Certificate collections for give-away packages

June 1st - Launch campaign with online, television and social media

June 1st – August 31st – FQBA Weekly Spotlight Email Blasts

June 30th, July 31st & August 31st – “Get Away” Packages Awarded

August 31st – End of Campaign

Super Bowl Broadcasts in the French Quarter

January 10th, 2013

CBS Super Bowl Park at Jackson Square

Decatur Street from Wilkinson Row to Madison will be closed from 12 a.m.-4 a.m. on the following days:

•                    Tuesday, January 15

•                    Wednesday, January 16

•                    Thursday, January 17

•                    Tuesday, February 5

•                    Wednesday, February 6

The closures will also affect the horse carriages along Decatur Street. They are preparing to be relocated on the following days:

•                    January 14-16, 2013

•                    January 21-22, 2013

•                    February 4-5, 2013

Nearly 20 different television shows will be filmed in Jackson Square/Artillery Park  the week of Super Bowl (January 27- February 3) including CBS This Morning; CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley;  CBS Evening News Saturday; Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer; The Talk; The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson; The Super Bowl Today; Super Bowl Live; Inside the Super Bowl;  NFL Monday QB; Rome; Lead Off; Inside the NFL; Eye on Pro Football in New Orleans; and OMG! Insider.    Information about the shows can be found here:

Early morning and late night show sounds will be limited, and based on everything we know now, the lighting will not directly impact the buildings around the Square. Contrary to rumors, there will be no impact to the permitted artists or musicians on the Square.  They want to showcase an authentic New Orleans to the rest of the world.

The current crew hours for broadcasts and/or taping is as follows:

  • Sunday, January 27: 7am – 11pm
  • Monday, January 28: 8:30am-1am
  • Tuesday, January 29: 4am -1am
  • Wednesday, January 30: 6:30am-12:30am
  • Thursday, January 31: 3am-12:30am
  • Friday, February 1: 3am-12:30am
  • Saturday, February 2: 3am-11:30pm
  • Sunday, February 3: 4am-end of day

This 40+ hours of national coverage will be great exposure and will highlight the great progress our city has made.

Click here renderings of some of the set designs done by the Solomon Group, which incorporates the iron work that is so well known in the French Quarter. The cable bridge will be the first thing erected next week. CBS Cable Bridge for Super Bowl CBS Set 1 CBS Set 3 Night CBS Set 4 Wide

CBS’ main compound will be at the French Market parking lots behind Washington Artillery Park so visitor parking will be limited.

ESPN at Jax Brewery lots

In addition to the CBS activities, ESPN will be filming over 120 hours of broadcasts the week of Super Bowl from the Jax Brewery parking lots off Decatur.

There will not be any full road closures during the load in period; however, there will be Intermittent Traffic Control (ITC) administered by the NOPD beginning on Thursday, January 23 at 12:01am until midday to bring large trucks onto the site.

More about their broadcast plans can be found here:


Katie Williams in the Film New Orleans office will be the primary City liaison between the community and the production teams during the event.

Katie’s office number is (504) 658-0923 and cell is (504) 329-0665. Her email is

The overall traffic plan for downtown as well as Clean Zone and permitting information is available online at

FQBA will continue to update membership as details are received.

Volunteer Graffiti Cleanup

January 3rd, 2013

Sign up today to volunteer on Saturday, April 20th, 2013 from 9 am – 12 pm!

All those passionate about making the French Quarter graffiti-free should sign up and be a part of this fun and worthwhile event. There are opportunities as group leaders as well as hands-on workers to participate. With the tools and instructions in hand, volunteers spread out through the quarter and remove as many graffiti marks as possible. Volunteers receive a work t-shirt (while supplies last), all cleaning products and tools for the cleanup, and are treated post cleanup French Quarter lunch provided at the Royal House.

With the upcoming major public events, the FQBA and VC-GAP invite individuals and groups to volunteer on Saturday, April, 2013 to help rid public spaces of unsightly graffiti.  The cleanup will begin with check in at 9 am in the courtyard of the New Orleans Police Departments 8th District, 334 Royal Street.  Register online at as an individual or group.

The French Quarter Business Association (FQBA), along with other prominent French Quarter groups implemented a French Quarter initiative named Vieux Carre Graffiti Abatement Program or VC-GAP in the summer of 2010. VC-GAP hopes to eradicate the structures in the French Quarter of the illegal graffiti. The graffiti problem is not as insurmountable as once presumed and VC-GAP is working to help those victimized by offering information and solutions. This neighborhood beautification effort is just one of the commitments VC-GAP is making the community.

Graffiti is a real community issue that businesses, activists, residents, and volunteers are willing to face head on. Please join VC-GAP in the fight against illegal graffiti and the eradication campaign!

To volunteer or donate contact the FQBA office at 504.309.1423 or email

For more information, please visit our website Donations to the effort are also graciously appreciated. Everyone can help!


October 9th, 2012

NOPD 8th District uses footage from privately owned video surveillance cameras to catch a lot of criminals.

However, the 8th District does not yet have a comprehensive list of all the privately owned cameras in the 8th District.

The FQMD, in partnership with the 8th District, has developed SafeCams8 to develop a comprehensive list of all the privately owned video surveillance cameras in the 8th District.

Through SafeCams8 private citizens and business owners can register their cameras that record sidewalk and street activity with the 8th District to help NOPD protect us.

Please register your security cameras NOW with the 8th District by clicking on the link below.  The registration information goes directly to the 8th District:

Paths to Progress: FQ Road & Sidewalk Improvements

September 5th, 2012

With a combined investment of over $90 million, Paths to Progress is a collaborative effort between the Federal Highway Administration, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, New Orleans Regional Planning Commission and City of New Orleans.

Property owners should be aware that the sidewalks being repaired during this project are a special situation with a unique funding opportunity.  Property owners remain responsible for maintaining the adjacent sidewalks to their property as stated in the city ordinance.

Paths to Progress is committed to provide timely construction and project updates.

Learn more about the project and receive regular updates throughout construction:
Phone: 1-800-574-7193
Twitter: @paths2progress

FQBA will also send membership as many updates as possible throughout the progress.

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