FQBA Committees
The Association runs through committee and volunteer participation. Each committee has a different focus and amount of time required.

Marketing, & Events Committee
C0-Chairs: Marica Mackenroth Brewster and Lauren Noel

This Committee is charged with the two annual cooperative marketing campaigns: Passport to the French Quarter and a handheld festival fan.

Vieux Carre – Graffiti Abatement Program
Chair: Vincent Marcello

This Committee emphasizes the importance of businesses participating in public meetings. They work closely with the French Quarter Management District, as well city leaders to make sure the French Quarter businesses’ interests are heard and considered.

Knowing that graffiti adversely affects public perception, architectural significance and the general quality of life in the French Quarter, the FQBA has stepped up to initiate a community, business and citizen-based action plan to eradicate graffiti from the Vieux Carre. Partners in this initiative are resident groups French Quarter Citizens and Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents & Associates, Inc.

Ambassador Committee
Chair: Zeid Ammari

This Cmailto:zeid@ammariofla.comommittee helps spread the word about the FQBA and aids the Association in growth. They hosts the summer Membership Event, End-of-Year Holiday Breakfast, etc. They also produce all FQBA logoed merchandise.