Member Benefits

As an FQBA Member you will…

  • Be Heard: FQBA has cultivated relationships with local officials and agencies, which affords the group a strong voice in the community.
  • Be Represented: FQBA Board members make it a priority to build bridges among community groups and public offices.
  • Be Protected: FQBA continues to work with the 8th District NOPD on issues faced by the community, and supports Cops 8.
  • Be Insured: FQBA members gain access to one of the most comprehensive and competitively priced insurance programs available in southern Louisiana.
  • Be Informed: FQBA serves an informational resource for its members.

Membership Levels

*All members will receive an informational welcome packet upon receipt of dues*
*Membership is valid for the year payment is made*
*Renewals are required by March of following year*
*Payments may be mailed or made online*

FQBA Policies

with Terms & Conditions

1. The French Quarter Business Association membership renewal invoices are emailed to members. After 30 days, the FQBA will mail an overdue invoice to the member. Also, an Ambassador Committee member or the FQBA President will attempt to reach the member for renewal.

2. Checks are payable to French Quarter Business Association. Payment can also be made using VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

3. To ensure adequate information is available for French Quarter Business Association publications, website, and general inquiries, it is the responsibility of the member, or their duly appointed representative, to supply accurate information regarding your business.

4. The Board of Directors may suspend or expel any Member who has sold, distributed, or given to non-members any of French Quarter Business Association's confidential or "Members Only" materials or if the conduct of any member is prejudicial to the best interest of the French Quarter Business Association.

5. The French Quarter Business Association is a 501(c)6 organization. Membership dues cannot be deducted as a charitable contribution; however, they may be deducted as a business expense.