NEW ORLEANS, LA – Today, the City of New Orleans announced that it is seeking input from New Orleans residents and business owners on where to install bike racks and corrals throughout the City. The deadline to submit a bike rack request is August 15, 2014.

“Bicycling is an important mode of transportation in New Orleans and we are committed to promoting this healthy and safe commuting option,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu said. “Before Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans had fewer than 5 miles of bikeways. Today, we have more than 87 miles of bikeways and are on pace to have more than 100 miles by the end of 2014. As bicycle ridership continues to grow, the City is actively developing facilities that can connect trips by bicycle and accommodate their increased usage, including the installation of bike racks and corrals. Active modes of transport save money, energy, and the environment. I encourage New Orleans residents and business owners to provide us their feedback on this important initiative.”

Click here to view a map of New Orleans current bicycle network.

New Orleans residents and business owners can suggest bike rack locations by visiting

The City’s Department of Public Works will review bike rack requests and prioritize locations based on available funding using the following criteria:

  • The location serves multiple destinations with a need for short-term bike parking (e.g. shops, restaurants, offices, banks, public agencies, parks, etc.)
  • The location is on public property such as a sidewalk or street.
  • For sidewalk installations, adequate width (at least 10 feet) is available between the curb and property line and adequate space between the rack and permanent structures such as balcony columns, trees, and fire hydrants.
  • The location presents no conflict with use of curb ramps, designated passenger/loading zones, pedestrian circulation at corners, permitted sidewalk cafés, and bus stops.
  • The location is within reasonable distance (ideally less than 50 feet) of a building destination.
  • The bike rack can be installed on an existing suitable surface such as concrete.  Under limited circumstances, the City may consider installing concrete pads for bike rack installations.
  • The location is accessible to the general public.

In addition to incorporating public feedback on the locations of future bike racks or corrals, the corridors below are being reviewed to receive bike rack installations:

  • St. Claude Ave. (Tennessee St. to Egania St.)
  • St. Claude Ave. (Elysian Fields Ave. to Press St.)
  • Oretha C. Haley Blvd. (Jackson Ave. to Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.)
  • N. Broad St. (Bienville St. to Orleans Ave.)
  • N. Rampart St. (Canal Blvd. to Esplanade Ave.)
  • St. Roch Ave. (N. Rampart to Marais St.)
  • Newton St. (Behrman St. to Opelousas Ave.)
  • Central Business District

The deadline to submit a bike rack request is August 15, 2014. A request to install a bike rack is not a guarantee the rack will be placed in the proposed location. New Orleans residents and business owners may direct questions about this project to the Department of Public Works at (504) 658-8046.