French Quarter Infrastructure Improvement Project: Friday, December 7, 2018

The City of New Orleans, Department of Public Works and Sewerage & Water Board began a full reconstruction project on Bourbon Street from St. Louis to Dumaine streets (500-800 blocks) on September 17, 2018. Work will occur sequentially from the 500 – 800 blocks, with ONLY one block fenced off at a time throughout construction.  All businesses along this corridor will remain open and accessible throughout construction. The $9.5 million cost-shared project, which is anticipated to run through June / July 2019, was designed by Mott McDonald, LLC and will be constructed by Hard Rock Construction, LLC.  Project partners include Entergy Electric, Entergy Gas, Cox Communications and AT&T.

 Attend “Conversation on the Corner”
The next Phase 2 bi-weekly community status meeting will take place on Tuesday, December 18, at 10:30 a.m. at the Four Points Sheraton in the Board Room.

 Traffic Status

Fencing Has Been Removed!!!  500 Block Roadway, Toulouse Intersection Reopened to Pedestrian Traffic

The contractor has reopened the 500 block Bourbon Street roadway and Toulouse intersection to pedestrian traffic.  Crews are currently removing the brick sidewalks in the 500 block; all temporary access ramps to businesses have been installed. Both Entergy Electric and All Star Electric are working in the 500 block on the removal/replacement of light poles.  Weather permitting, the 500 block roadway will reopen to vehicular traffic once the sidewalks are complete in late December.

The Toulouse and Bourbon intersection remains closed to vehicular traffic to allow AT&T to complete a repair.  Once the repair is complete, the contractor will replace the concrete panel and, after it cures, reopen the intersection to vehicular traffic.

Roadway Closure – 600 Block (Toulouse to St. Peter)
Crews have installed the fence in the 600 block roadway (pictured) to accommodate installation of new utilities.  Crews have begun to install the new waterline.  The 600 block roadway is anticipated to be reopened in late January.

UPDATED!!!!  Intersection Closure – St. Peter Street

Minor work will be completed in the intersection of St.  Peter and Bourbon streets that will NOT require a closure as previously communicated. New concrete pavement will be installed in the intersection as part of the project.

Hydrant Installation – St. Louis Street

The contractor has completed the installation of the new hydrant at Bourbon and St. Louis.  Entergy Electric is working to repair their duct bank; once that activity is complete, concrete will be poured and the riverside corner will be completed.

 Entergy Electric & Gas
Entergy Gas will continue working at the intersection of St. Ann and Bourbon streets, and move into the 800 block.  Entergy Electric will be working in the 800 block.  There will be no intersections closed; however, there may be temporary street closures of Bourbon in the 800 block between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  As usual Entergy will accommodate the public, businesses, and deliveries to the best of their ability.

UPDATED!!! Overall Project Sequence of Construction

Block Tentative Schedule
(Fence in place)
* Approximate
Total Days Per Block
(Including Sidewalks)
500 (St. Louis – Toulouse) 9/24/18 – 11/30/18 75 Days
600 (Toulouse – St. Peter) 12/03/18 – 1/27/19 75 Days
700 (St. Peter – St. Ann) 1/28/19 – 2/17/19, 3/7/19 – 4/22/19 75 Days
800 (St. Ann – Dumaine) 4/23/19 – 6/25/19 75 Days
Total Days

*Once the contractor moves the fence to the next block, sidewalks in the previous block will be worked on simultaneously

250 Working Days Total

(exclusive of weather / events days)

Mardi Gras Demobilization

The contractor will completely demobilize all labor and materials including fencing from the site and temporarily backfill any trenches by close of business on February 18, two weeks in advance of Mardi Gras, to minimize pedestrian and vehicular traffic disruption.  The contractor will resume operations on March 7, 2019.

Demobilization for other Events / Holidays

The Contractor must contain equipment and materials within the block that is fenced off. No work will take place during the following event days or holidays: Christmas / New Year’s Eve / Sugar Bowl (12/24 -12/25, 12/28-1/2/2019), French Quarter Fest (4/11-4/14), Jazz Fest (4/26-4/28 and 5/2-5/5).

 AT&T Service Outage Reporting Process
To ensure service restoration and proper credit, AT&T residential customers MUST report problems to 1-800-288-2020.  Business customers MUST report problems to 1-877-438-0041.  After reporting problems to AT&T, customers may also send e-mail to to help expedite the process.

Garbage Corrals

Garbage must be placed in appropriate corrals at the end of each intersecting block (St. Louis, Toulouse, etc.) between 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Please refrain from leaving garbage cans on the Bourbon St. sidewalk as we are required to maintain pedestrian access.

How to Stay Informed

Questions about this project may be directed to via e-mail to or to the RoadworkNOLA hotline 504.658.ROAD (7623).