Support for Covid Compliance Personnel for Bars and Restaurants (10.12.2021)

CSRS is contracted by the Office of State Procurement and Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) as the statewide Employer of Record (EOR) for the COVID-19 Disaster Recovery Dislocated Worker Grant (DDWG). Their role as the EOR is to provide temporary employment to eligible DDWG participants who are referred to CSRS from the American Job Center in New Orleans (Job 1). LWC has approved placing DDWG participants at private restaurants and bars to perform COVID-19 duties of verifying vaccination status, and/or verifying a negative COVID test result within 72 hours for all patrons entering these establishments.

A Worksite Agreement is required for each participating business. Participating businesses are referred to as Worksite Employers. However, CSRS, as the EOR, handles all wages and benefits for DDWG participants.

The duties of all DDWG participants are solely to help businesses stay in compliance with the mandate in the city of New Orleans. Participants cannot perform normal duties of participating businesses. For example, DDWG participants can’t work as hostesses, wait staff, or bouncers. They can’t deny a patron entry if the person is under the age of 21. However, they can inform a patron that doesn’t have a vaccination card or negative test result that he/she may not enter.

Worksite Employers will provide a supervisor for DDWG participants. The supervisor will be responsible for the timesheets on a weekly basis. The pay period is Saturday through Friday. Payroll is every Friday. Participants can work up to 40 hours per week. There’s no overtime, and no holiday pay. DDWG participants have no impact on the payroll of participating businesses. All wages and taxes are handled by CSRS.

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