Temporary Evacuation Area to be in Place Ahead of Controlled Crane Demolition: Saturday, October 19, 2019

In order to mitigate further damage from the partial collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel building, the two cranes remaining on the construction site will be brought down in a controlled fashion. Expert engineers from around the world have developed a plan to conduct a controlled collapse of the cranes that will bring them down in place.

Evacuation Map


The New Orleans Fire Department will order a temporary evacuation for a larger area than the current evacuation zone. The demolition time is not yet finalized; however, the evacuation order will go into effect no earlier than Saturday afternoon. More precise times will be communicated as soon as possible. The New Orleans Fire Department will also go door-to-door Saturday with physical evacuation notices.

The City anticipates the temporary evacuation order to be in place for a few hours, but will communicate to the public when it is safe to return. The City will offer a temporary relocation center at the Treme Recreation Center, 900 N. Villere St., for evacuated individuals who require a place to go during the temporary evacuation order.


All individuals inside the Temporary Evacuation Area must evacuate.


All individuals in the Temporary Exclusion Zone must remain indoors. No vehicles or pedestrians will be allowed on the street or outside of structures, including on rooftops.


Once the explosives operation is complete and the City has determined it is safe, the temporary zones will be shrunken as appropriate. The current evacuation area will likely remain in place, however that will be determined after demolition.

What to Expect During Demolition


In preparation for the controlled demolition of the cranes, the New Orleans Fire Department is requesting services to be shut off in the Current Evacuation Zone. That includes electricity, gas, water, and sewer. Services will be re-connected as soon as it is safe to do so. We thank residents and businesses for their continued patience with these necessary safety precautions. 


The public should expect the sound of the explosives detonation to be be very loud, similar to the sound of a firework. The best way to protect yourself is to stay inside until the event is over. All individuals near the Temporary Exclusion Zone who must be outside, including workers, should wear earplugs. There is a small possibility that windows and other glass in the immediate vicinity of the crane demolition — inside the Temporary Evacuation Zone–will break.


The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality will be monitoring air quality. The crane demolition may create dust. If you have breathing problems and live near the Temporary Exclusion Area, consider wearing protective masks and sealing your doors and windows. You can also reduce dust inside of your home by turning off your A/C until the dust settles. Anyone exposed to dust from the Hard Rock Hotel collapse should monitor their breathing and health. Signs of respiratory issues from dust are sneezing, coughing and eye irritation.  Please remain safe inside and listen to all warnings to stay away from the evacuated area.

Stay Connected

Text HARDROCK to 888777 for updates directly from the City of New Orleans on the crane demolition. Information will also be shared on ready.nola.gov and on Twitter @nolaready. For questions or concerns, please call 3-1-1.